Immunity’s SILICA

Immunity’s SILICA defines the state of the art in wireless attack and security assessment.

Let SILICA help you answer the burning question — What can be done after I’ve recovered the key?

  • Unique auto-complete password stealing attack
  • FakeAP attacks allow for targeting mobile wifi devices
  • Unique ability to perform WEP and WPA1-2 traffic injection
  • Recover WEP, WPA1-2 and LEAP keys Automatically configured WPS attack for recovering WEP and WPA keys without crashing the router
  • Passively hijack web application sessions for email, social networking and Intranet sites — SILICA’s sophisticated XUL integration into Firefox allows it to replicate User-Agent and Referer headers with just one click
  • Scan and penetrate hosts using integrated CANVAS remote and client-side exploits
  • Useful logging and reporting is built in!

SILICA is a self-contained solution that runs on a standard Intel based laptop. The SILICA software and base operating system (Ubuntu) is shipped on a bootable USB drive that enables you to run SILICA without any software modifications to your laptop. Included on the drive is partition containing a virtual machine with the same SILICA image giving you even greater flexibility and ease of use.

Latest video:

SILICA 7.33 – Network Printer Attacks from Immunity Videos on Vimeo.

More videos on Immunity’s vimeo channel.

For more information or if you are interested in purchasing SILICA, please contact us.