alien8 Security is Immunity Inc’s Partner for Canvas and Silica in the UK and Europe and a Prevailion Master Distributor. We are currently expanding our portfolio of products and services. Please feel free to contact us about these or enquire about other possibilities as we are constantly looking for the best of breed products for our portfolio.

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Immunity’s CANVAS is ground breaking software that allows you to test compliance and let your organisation discover how vulnerable you really are. Immunity’s CANVAS makes available over 500 current and functional exploits, an automated exploitation system, and a comprehensive, reliable exploit development framework to penetration testers and security professionals worldwide.

SILICA helps you understand the vulnerabilities of your WiFi network but, unlike traditional scanners that merely identify possible vulnerabilities, it determines the true risk of a particular access point.

Prevailion is a Compromise Intelligence™ company and empowers organisations to make profitable decisions using confirmed Evidence of Compromise™ with existing and prospective partners, acquisitions and investments.

Prevailion operates 100% outside of customer networks, offering all services without deploying any hardware, software, or expensive and intrusive professional services. They operate in the same spaces as adversaries — external to the physical and network boundaries of your organisation. A simple subscription grants you visibility into active compromises impacting thousands of organisations around the world, including your third parties’ ecosystems — supporting critical business decisions regarding risk, security, finance, and more.

Prevailion Increases Malware Coverage by 45%: The APEX Platform now tracks over 209 malware families, marking a 45% increase since the start of September.

Creating true value to MSSPs in #threat Intelligence #third party supply chain and revenue enhancement. To find out more on how to become a partner contact .

May 2021: Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has made a strategic investment, through Accenture Ventures, in Prevailion, a next-generation cyber intelligence company that provides clients with expansive visibility into malware across their organization and supply chains with early detection of advanced threats through adversary counterintelligence. . Read more: Accenture invests in Prevailion to give clients early warning of cyber threats.

May 2021: Intelligence analysis is dependent upon many things not the least of which are collections and access to data (e.g., pcaps, logs etc.) sourced from within the network. Prevailion affords its customers the ability to view intelligence related to real state of compromise outside the network’s perimeter. And though this is a unique capability and dataset, it requires correlation with data collected from within the network in order to pinpoint specific machines and machine-level activity. Why? To understand, which internal systems are behind the curtain of your public facing addresses. The key to remediation efforts based on Prevailion’s high-fidelity detection of compromise activity coming from your environment and mapping it to internal systems is having access to logging data related to your organization’s DNS architecture. Read more: Do You Even DNS Log Bro? by Will Gragido – Chief Strategy Officer, Prevailion.

May 2021: In the News: Under Attack!. Read some thoughts from Prevailion’s CTO, Nate Warfield, who discusses the escalating attacks on critical infrastructure with other cybersecurity experts in this Industrial Week roundtable.

May 2021: A subset of Threat Intelligence or even Threat Hunting using Intelligence called Adversary Intelligence or Adversary Hunting is nothing new. Traditional threat intelligence has focused on

  • Identifying and documenting newly discovered threats
  • Identifying Threat Actor Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTPs)
  • Delivering insights into threats actively impacting organizations

In addition, numerous solution providers have assembled teams to better understand threat actor activities and their tactics to then reuse this data to find chatter about planned or successful attacks and/or discover stolen data repositories by combing surface, deep, and dark web data. The human element, i.e., threat research teams and their analysts are the lifeblood of this information collection and analysis. It requires expert security knowledge and an intimate understanding of threat actor and their TTPs. Most cybersecurity technology and service providers have their own security research teams that focus on the activities listed above as well as the consumption of this data into their own products or sharing across the security industry. Read more: Next Generation Threat Intelligence and Research: Adversary Counterintelligence By Sanjay Raja, VP of Marketing Prevailion, Inc.

13 October 2020 – Prevailion are proud to announce Prevailion is featured in Gartner’s 2020 Cool Vendors in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence report.

Contact us if you are interested to know more and/or purchase these products.